Simply awesome

Who would think such a simple product would be so life changing!

First of all, for those that can't picture what this item looks like in real life: remember those triangular rubbery grips that you used to have on your pens and pencils in elementary school? Well, picture four of those joined together to form a square, with a suction cup on one side and an opening on the other. When you drop your razor in from the top, the flexibility allows this product to give just enough so your razor is held in place snugly. When you need your razor, just grab it from the bottom and pull it out. For reference, I use the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power razor (the old one before they added the flexball), but like I said, it really doesn't matter what razor type you use, this holder naturally adjusts to your razor to hold it securely. I've been using it for a month or so, and the suction cup has held tight. I highly recommend this product to others.

Eastoftheboston Amazon

Wow! Just what I have been waiting for.

In my shower, I have five different two-pronged razor hangers and not one of them is worth a damn. Look at the razor sideways in any of the holders and you find it, the razor, on the bottom of the shower in pieces. I have put up with this problem for years and years, grumbling all the while.

Now, razorGrip to the rescue. The device is of very simple simple it is a wonder that nobody thought of it sooner. Its made of a very soft, very flexible clear plastic. the suction cup sticks well to a smooth surface (I wet mine first) and the razor simply drops, handle first, into the opening at the top. To use, simply grip the handle protruding out the bottom and lightly pull and you're in business. SUPER device.

Sailor Amazon

"This holder works great. It freed up some space on my shower shelf now that I don't have to put my razor there anymore. I love that this holder keeps my razor upright and high enough so that my kids won't be able to get at it during bath time. Excellent product!"


"This is one of those really simple things that works well and adds much convenience. Mounts easily, stays put. I got 2, one for my Gillette and one for my Schick, both work fine."

GreeenGeorge DC

"This product works great! It stays on shower wall and holds large handled razors with out a problem. Will be buying more for when we travel."

D Charles

"Why didn't I but this sooner! This is a great item. Easy to use. Practical. A must have for those who leave their sunglasses in the car!"

Anthony R.

"Five Stars Love it!"


"Works very well. My wife uses it to hold reading glasses in the shower. Nicely made and a great color. Ingenious product!"


"I have two of these in my car - one for hubby and one for me. No more searching for sunglasses, and no more sitting on them by mistake! I am looking forward to the new designs I heard about. These are going to be stocking stuffers for sure!"